Thank you for finding your way to my new website! I am excited to have you join me as I venture into the wide world of blogs and newsletters.


Yoga is all about connections, right? Connecting to your breath, connecting to your body, connecting to your community... Well, forming meaningful connections with students in the studio is one of the foundational reasons behind my love of being a yoga teacher. Sharing stories, checking in, and sharing our space and practice solidifies my belief that we are all, truly, "In this together." Having this new online platform from which to expand these connections beyond the studio walls means that I get to connect with even more happy folks, which really means that our tribe gets to grow. 

This space will be where I share what's fueling my practice, what's happening in my classes, and what's (or who's) inspiring my thoughts and fueling my soul. If you've signed up to receive updates from me, then you'll see my words in your inbox once a month or so - maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending on, well, life. 

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts as well. I invite you to add your voice to the conversation whenever you feel inspired. One-way conversations are way less fun than what we can create when we join our comments and questions together. 

I am excited to share this space with you!

With big smiles and heaps of gratitude,